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Free shipping on two or more pairs!

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Our Hats Off to Our Employees

Patrick Verzone, owner of popular BBQ restaurant Righteous ‘Que in Marietta, GA has undergone tremendous change over the past year from the onset of Covid-19. Whether dealing with changes in business operations, the guest experience, contactless ordering or staff retention, Verzone has been committed to making sure his employees have what they need to feel safe but also deliver reassurance to guests.   

“As an essential business, we’ve been full throttle for the past year keeping up with demand from customers to bring them the best tasting BBQ and deliver a little reprieve from daily stress with a great meal,” said Verzone. “First and foremost has been taking care of our staff. Being in the food business is long hours on your feet, and added to that was a weariness and annoyance of irritated and sore ears from wearing a mask for entire shifts. Many of our staff started to wear gators and avoid mask straps all together. When we tried out the GO-Clips, it was an instant relief and we love that you can store your mask on the bill of our hats so they don’t get lost, damaged or dirtied.”

Righteous ‘Que manager Sammy Siasia added that the GO-Clips actually help keep his gator from slipping down and was excited to now be able to alternate using a gator or a mask with straps. “I hated the straps on my ears, so this [The GO-Clip] is awesome.”  

Getting the comfort right helps the staff enjoy deliverin the best BBQ in town! Our goal with The GO-Clip is always to help staff stay safe, to keep us all safe and focused on the things we enjoy.