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Free shipping on two or more pairs!

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Masking-Up on the Slopes

While skiers and snowboarders are used to wearing equipment and warm-weather layering around their faces, mask straps have to vie for the small amount of real estate left behind the ears. 

Family man and skier Alan G recently faced this problem skiing in Park City, Utah and was challenged with ear discomfort and easy accessibility of his mask while hitting the slopes all day. 

“With mandatory masks in lift lines and restrictions in the ski lodge, navigating my mask became an issue,” said Alan. “My ears were uncomfortable after hours on the slopes and the straps tugged on my ears every time I pulled my mask down to grab a drink.”

After trying a pair of GO-Clips, Alan’s reaction was immediately positive. “The difference was so noticeable, there’s no question I will be wearing my GO-Clips for any activity that requires a mask for a prolonged period of time  –  especially skiing.”

During the pandemic, Alan and his family decided to spend time in Utah to be outside and have a bit more freedom while working and schooling remotely.  WIth his wife and kids, he biked, hiked and skied and was able to avoid indoor spaces. 

While his kids are grown, he couldn’t help but think of other parents and situations GO-Clips could come in handy, such as youth, high school and college sports games, where people are sitting for hours with masks  – and will be required to do so for some time to come. “I especially see this product fitting in with Spring and Summer sports, on sunny days when people are wearing hats, sunglasses and masks. This would make it so much more comfortable, bearable and cooler with team logos.”  

Alan is hoping for all colleges to pick up The GO-Clip next so he can order and wear them with his kids’ spirit wear. 

Getting people back to life, work, play and sports is the focus. GO Ski. GO Snowboard. GO On.