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Free shipping on two or more pairs!

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Mask comfort with The Go-Clip

GO-Clip puts your mask in position to be more comfortable, more convenient and safer so you can enjoy life responsibly and GO on.  

  • Our patent-pending TetherSAFE technology takes the straps off the ears and puts masks in better position.  
  • Solution to integrate face masks/coverings into headwear
  • Our clips are compatible with any style of hat and virtually any mask
    • Benefits: easy to use, adjustable, interchangeable, helps with mask fatigue (longer duration), improves fit of masks, affordable, solves lost/forgotten masks)
  • We also have licensing deals with many top sports and entertainment properties so wearers can show their fanhood

Masks will be a part of our daily lives for some time. We’ve started a new category – mask optimization products.

  • Mask design hasn’t changed for over 100 years — cloth with straps tied around the ears.  
  • Before the pandemic, masks were a $74 billion industry. In 2020, it’s doubled.  
  • Ear pain is the first thing we heard when testing, etc. and what we hear from referees, healthcare workers, restaurant workers, etc.
  • Masks are often thrown in a purse, pocket or glove compartment, compromising safety and taking longer to put back on

An inspired team has been working for months to make sure we will soon be sold where people buy hats and masks.

  • GO-Clip is driven by a tight-knit dream team of entrepreneurs, patent and IP creators, investors, engineers, designers, lawyers, revenue drivers and big thinkers — all united by the idea of getting people back to life responsibly.
  • Go work, go play, go teach, go serve, go fish, etc.
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WHY (Purpose)

Our purpose is to help people work and play with masks.  

HOW (Mission) 

GO-Clip mask optimization products, with TetherSAFETM technology, make wearing a mask more comfortable, convenient and safe.

WHAT (Vision) 

The GO-ClipTM easy-to-use, adjustable clip system works with nearly any face mask (or face covering) to pull mask straps off the ears and attach to your hat/headwear. GO-Clips improve the fit of masks, relieve pain and offer accessible and safe mask storage.  It is especially helpful for long durations of mask wearing, like referees, front-line workers, teachers or golfers. GO-Clips demonstrate our “innovation for comfort and safety” for integrating masks/face coverings into headwear and apparel.  

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