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Free shipping on two or more pairs!

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Helping Our Healthcare Workers, Help You.

Whether working a 14-hour shift at a hospital or long days at a healthcare facility, mask straps can be brutal on the ears. Doctors and nurses have tried many tricks, including home-made solutions to pulling straps off their ears to relieve pain and irritability. Adding eye glasses into the mask mix is even harder! 

So, we brought a pair of our newest GO-Clips to Nurse Jennifer Pina at Boca Raton Hospital  to show her how they can be integrated into any type of hat (like a surgeon cap or headband) to help them focus on their job, not their pain. “With being required to wear masks all day, they become hot and itchy at times. Skin on the back of the ears becomes reddened and irritated, sometimes even breaking down. The GO-Clips literally saved my ears,” said Pina.

Keeping your mask on you, always, and keeping it sanitary are also big concerns for healthcare workers. By having the GO-Clips attached to your headwear, you can easily store your mask on your forehead or under your chin instead of a pocket or dangling from one ear! “With one mask dispensed a day, removal and storage of the mask while eating or drinking is a real issue for us,” Pina continued. “This helps take the stress away so we can remain safe, and therefore, keep our patients safe.”    

“The GO-Clips literally saved my ears”

And, just imagine being able to wear your hospital logo on the clips, or even your favorite sports team. This could be the next best thing as a functional mask accessory. “The GO-Clips really bumped up my ‘covid fashion’ and allowed me to wear many of my colorful headbands and head-wraps to jazz up my boring scrubs. With other products I’ve tried like buttons sewn into my headbands, they’ve ruined the fabric. Now, I can just choose what I want to wear and just attach my GO-Clips.” 

Happy and comfortable healthcare workers is the key to focusing on patient care not personal ear pain.