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Getting Youth Sports Back Safely

Our kids have been hearing the word resiliency for the past year in dealing with Covid-19. And while they’ve done so well with being flexible, adaptable and patient – our youth need to be kept moving. They need it for mental and physical health reasons, socialization and to achieve a sense of accomplishment. 

Youth sports have gone in fits and starts across the country with leagues, teams and activities trying to find the safest ways to continue. Looking for ways to do just that, Katrina Adams, former president of the USTA, former WTA Tour Champion and current Executive Director of the Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program, sought out solutions to keep her players going in tennis.

We’re excited to partner with The GO-Clip,” said Adams, who since became an advisor to the brand. “It’s innovative clip system and look allows us to promote our brand and allow our students and coaches to perform with ease, knowing that their protective mask has a safe and clean place to rest, while taking a drink in between drills.”

Another advantage of keeping masks in place attached to their hats is limiting the amount of adjustment needed to make their masks more comfortable or better fitting. “We need the kids’ hands on their racquets to focus on the sport instead of their faces and ears,” emphasized Adams.   

Some tips on how to stay competitive with a mask on: 
  1. Adjust your GO-Clips to your sizing (mask/head) to have the best fit with enhanced comfort 
  2. Breathe slowly in/out for five deep breaths to calm the breath 
  3. Inhale/exhale as always, just use your mind to help pace your breathing 

Our goal is always to help instructors stay safe, to keep our kids safe.