Free shipping on two or more pairs!

Free shipping on two or more pairs!

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The GO-Clip with TetherSAFE™ technology puts masks in position to be more comfortable, convenient and safe, so people and businesses can get back to life responsibly.


Your mask ear straps hook onto the GO-Clips instead of on your ears! The difference is
astounding. You’ll feel immediate relief; no more pain and pressure on your ears even after wearing a mask for hours on end!


GO-Clips fit nearly any face mask or face covering, and we’re able to customize them to promote brand affinity, team spirit and self-expression.


Integrate your face mask into any hat or headwear. You can also store your mask easily and safely with just one hand – so it stays with you always. No more lost or forgotten masks! 


We keep your mask on securely with GO-Clip TetherSAFE technology. No more stuffing masks in your pocket, dangling them from one ear, or throwing them on your car console.

Pinch-Hitting for Essential Workers

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a police officer or foodservice/restaurant worker – our goal is to help you focus on your job, not your pain. GO-Clips can be integrated into nearly any hat or headwear (surgeon’s cap, chef hat, baseball cap, visor, etc.), drastically improving ear comfort when wearing masks for a long period of time.

No More Ear Discomfort

Your mask straps go right around GO-Clips that are attached to your headwear or hat – not your ears!

An added bonus? GO-Clips can also help prevent rubbing against hearing aids and stop mask straps from knocking out your earbuds.

Show Your Team Spirit

Of course, our first allegiances are to safety and comfort when wearing masks. But right behind that is showing our true colors for our favorite teams. Talk some smack with your friends while safely showcasing your favorite team on your GO-Clips. We can’t wait to get you back to life responsibly in stadiums and arenas, whether you’re on the court, on the sidelines, or tailgating in the parking lot!