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Free shipping on two or more pairs!

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Helping People Work and Play with Masks

Masks are here to stay. They can be uncomfortable and hard to wear for a long time. Our new game-changing mask accessory* pulls mask straps off the ears and integrates into any hat (or headwear) making wearing a mask easier, safer and more comfortable.   

*Patent-pending TetherSAFE™ technology

“We’re going to be wearing masks for the foreseeable future.”

– Dr. Céline Gounder, President Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board

   via Sportico Interview, January 28, 2021

The GO-Clip. Go on.

We help you go on — by optimizing your mask for ultimate comfort, convenience, safety and customization. Our priority is safety. For you and your families, fans, guests, staff, patients and customers.


 Experience the difference with GO-Clips:

• Relieves ear pain
• Keeps your mask with you always!
• Improves fit and safe storage of your mask
• Makes it easier to wear masks longer
• Expresses your style

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Press Mentions

“This is all about encouraging more mask wearing and being able to do it more comfortably,” said Adam Pennington, Game Time president. “People also love licensed product, so this presents a very compelling combination. I don’t think I’ve given a sample yet to anyone who didn’t love this right away.”

Oh, and yes, GO-Clips are already licensees of MLB, National Hockey LeagueProfessional Bull Riders and WWE and will be licensed for just about any and all teams in the coming months.”

“The GO-Clip: solution to the chronic discomfort around the ears that comes from wearing a face mask for prolonged periods.

Masking-Up on the Slopes

While skiers and snowboarders are used to wearing equipment and warm-weather layering around their faces, mask straps have to vie for the small amount of real estate left behind the ears.  Family man and skier Alan G recently faced this problem skiing in Park City,...

Our Hats Off to Our Employees

Patrick Verzone, owner of popular BBQ restaurant Righteous ‘Que in Marietta, GA has undergone tremendous change over the past year from the onset of Covid-19. Whether dealing with changes in business operations, the guest experience, contactless ordering or staff...

Getting Youth Sports Back Safely

Our kids have been hearing the word resiliency for the past year in dealing with Covid-19. And while they’ve done so well with being flexible, adaptable and patient - our youth need to be kept moving. They need it for mental and physical health reasons, socialization...

The Spirit of Moving On at SEIDO Karate

World Seido Karate seeks to develop a “non-quitting” or “bushido” spirit in each student as they practice and learn the art of karate. No matter what the obstacle or difficulty – emotional, physical, or financial – they want students to feel that they can overcome it....

Giving Back: “Give-and-GO

Wearing a mask is one small way to care for others. Our team is inspired by those who help people GO on. We’re committed to supporting charities, organizations and initiatives that put others first in rebuilding from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stay tuned for future announcements.

How to Wear GO-Clips

You won’t believe what you’ve been missing.

You may need to adjust the position of the clip on your headwear so it works for your face and your ears (no two faces are alike, and neither are masks by the way). A little trial and error is worth the comfort!